By definition, boutique refers to “a business serving a sophisticated or specialized clientele.” (Oxford English Dictionary.)
By extension, a boutique tour operator is typically one with a honed and highbrow focus. Does the idea of a safari make you roar with anticipation? There are tour companies that offer wild, yet tamely refined, excursions to Africa’s biggest game reserves. Others specialize in wine tours of the world’s great regions that impress the most cultivated of oenophiles. Boutique tour operators serve a niche, with customized itineraries that are a departure from the major guided tour companies. While the latter may concentrate on a particular demographic or travel style, they still have a broader scope and wider accessibility than the boutique counterpart.


Some people may not be able or willing to spend much money, but wish to see the world anyhow. It is possible to travel with very little or even no money at all.
This means either keeping expenses low or earning money while one travels.
Budget Travel isn’t about travelling as cheaply as possible. Focus is on about discovering a great travel experience without breaking the bank. I think what all Budget Travellers ( all travellers in fact!) have in common is trying to find a travel experience that is unique and fun. They don’t mind luxury but prefer budget hotels or hostels if there is more fun involved in staying with the latter.

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