The hustle and bustle of Kathmandu and the kind nature of the Nepalse have is unforgetable. It gets even better when you go for trekking through the mountains: seeing the sun come up over the Himalayas while surrounded by some of the tallest peaks in the world is an experience you won’t ever forget.

Portugal is having its moment in the spotlight right now, Its tourism boom is fueling an incredible redevelopment (along with some inevitable issues), though it seems that at least for now Lisbon is maintaining its sunny charms.
Of course, there is so much to see beyond just the capital. Consider the up-and-coming second city of Porto, the karst cliff beaches of the Algarve, the old university town of Coimbra, or the adventurous Atlantic archipelago of the Azores.

There’s a reason why Thailand remains so popular with backpackers – it’s got idyllic islands, a rich culture, beach-huts aplenty, tantalising cuisine and adventures galore, and all available at often staggeringly low prices. Despite the well-trodden routes through the country, it’s not hard to get away from the crowds – check out Nakhon Si Thammarat for some of the very best food the country has to offer, or hire a motorbike to make the 600km trip along the Mae Hong Son Loop through the forested northern mountains.

Despite a remarkable rate of change over the decades since the end of the American War, Vietnam remains amazing value for Western visitors. The country’s greatest attraction is its sublime countryside, from the limestone karsts of the north to the waterways and paddy fields of the Mekong Delta, with blissful beaches and frenetic cities crammed in between.

This small island community off the coast of Belize is filled with rich wildlife and an ocean holding great diving points to take advantage of the Belize Barrier Reef.
Taking advantage of this amazing city is easy as high-class hotels run in the tens of dollars, rarely breaking 2 figures. It doesn’t get much better than that when you need to travel on a budget. For young people, there are plenty of opportunities for socializing and exploring.

If you are already in Europe, Budapest is a popular destination, but it is often overlooked by those unfamiliar with the region. I was surprised when I planned my trip to hear from many of my more worldly friends that it was their favorite city and also one of the cheapest places to travel (though it is technically two cities, Buda and Pest). And after visiting it, I know why.Hotels and daily expenses are rather cheap, and recent building booms have created “hotels” that use empty apartments, giving travelers affordable access to high scale accommodations. The city feels young and full of life because it is very easy to travel to on a budget. The city is very walkable, and public transportation is cheap and reliable.

John Widmer of Roaming Around the World says: “Ukraine is one of the cheapest countries in the world to visit. In one of our favorite cities, Lviv, you can live very well, for very little. Your average cost of living can be as low as USD 10-15 per day if you’re okay with a dorm bed and quick serve meals and perhaps a few beers. But we think Ukraine is a place to splurge since a couple can afford a good hotel, great restaurant meals, and a night out for about USD 25 per person, per day.

Lake Malwi is the country’s beating heart. All along the shores of lake Malawi, its beaches buzz with activity and the rhythm of of local life unfolds with the rise and fall of the sun. Fresh seafood is plentiful and opportunities for snorkelers, divers and beach bums abound.The main cities in the country are well-connected with a network of shared buses that make travel convenient and inexpensive. Hostel dorm rooms run about USD 5 per night and food costs even less. Each day, budget-conscious travellers can expect to foot a bill of around USD 15-20. And, as if Malawi couldn’t get any better, the people are known to be some of the friendliest and most welcoming in the world.”

In Andalusía, the best things in life are (almost) free
How to roll big on the cheap: Life is good in Spain’s sunny south, where you can go to almost any bar and fill up on cañas (half-pours of fizzy yellow beer) and carb-y tapas like croquettes and patatas bravas for less than 10 euros. In Granada, some spots still offer botanas (portions of food get larger with each round of drinks you order), so if you play your cards right, dinner is basically free. When all else fails, you can always spike a 2-liter of Coke with rum and join the local teens in a botellón (technically illegal street parties) down at the plaza.

Vibrant indigenous culture at some of the lowest prices in South America
How to roll big on the cheap: There’s a reason La Paz is a steady fixture on the Latin American backpacker highway known as the Gringo Trail. It’s a high-altitude city with rock-bottom prices — we’re talking $20 hotel rooms and $4 cocktails at steampunk-themed bar Diesel Nacional or psychedelic hippie lounge Cafe Magick. Bolivians are proud of their indigenous heritage, so prepare to encounter traditional culture everywhere. On the streets and in the plazas ladies go about their daily activities in customary cholita garb: oversized bowler hat, layers upon layers of petticoats, and a scowl for anyone who dares point a camera phone in their direction. Pavement vendors hawk meat-and-potato stuffed pastries, chola sandwiches with pulled pork and pickles, and endless permutations of corn. And in the open-air markets you’ll find folk cures for whatever it is that ails ya, from coca leaves for altitude sickness to dried llama fetuses for the chronically unlucky.

An easy introduction for backpackers… Nicaragua is the cheapest place to travel in Central America and makes an excellent quick vacation spot for those on a budget. Nicaragua is a wonderland of volcanic peaks, crazy parties, jungle treks and Mayan sites. I spent nearly three months exploring Nicaragua and it’s hands down my favourite budget travel destination in Central America. It’s safe, easy to get around and has something for everyone.You can score a room for just a couple of dollars a night and expect to eat street food for under a dollar. Alcohol is cheap and the beaches are free! If you’re a first time budget backpacker, Nicaragua is a solid choice.

A popular stop on the backpacker trail, Cambodia is not as cheap a place to travel as it used to be but you can still score beers for 25 cents and budget dorm rooms in hostels for just a couple of dollars. Many backpackers in South East Asia save Cambodia for the last part of their trip as this is the place you can make your money stretch the furthest in this part of the world. Cambodia used to be the cheapest country to visit in SEA but today, that is probably Laos. At a fraction of the price of neighbouring Thailand and with plenty of gorgeous beaches, steamy jungles and fascinating history, Cambodia is another solid choice for a first time budget traveler as it’s safe, easy and fun. If you only have a couple of weeks holiday and you want to live it up, Cambodia is a good place to travel for a cheap vacation extravaganza

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